Brand Products are made by Sublime Spices founded by Seanne Heslop in 2015 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. It was here that she developed the recipe for a Range of Sauces her 1st being Spiced Chilli Paste that will be passed down from generation to generation for many years to come. The company is family-owned and -operated.

Visiting a local market Seanne came across a Chilli sauce stand and became quite a well known regular for many years until they closed shop. 6 months passed by… the addiction still so real Seanne loved creating curries so she set about trying her hand at a chilli sauce as similar as could be to the product that had been feeding her addiction all these years, well her first batch of Spiced Chilli was a success and still is the same original recipe being used today.

A food lover and avid gardener, Seanne Heslop started an edible Garden in her front yard to ensure some of her produce was as fresh and organic as could be on her property in the lower Perth Hills WA Australia. She sowed the seeds, nurtured the plants until the sauce out grew the garden space. Still today she takes much pride ensuring local produced is used first before contemplating outsourcing the freshest and tastiest flavours for her creations. Plans for finding property to grow the freshest ingredients will be an important part of Sublime Spices future for years to come.

 "MULTI AWARD WINNING - well that would be the Famous QUEEN OF SAUCE"

 Seanne created a range of Sauces through sheer passion and love of Chilli and its adrenaline rush that comes from the heat sensation with every mouthful enjoyed. After growing up with a basic Australian Diet of vegemite sandwiches and meat and veg dinners there was not a lot of room for flair in her Rivervale Home in Perth WA Australia. After leaving home and buying her first ever curry cookbook it was right there her palate came to life. Who knew that years on she would be a multi award winning Saucier creating flavours from all over the world for you to enjoy and create food memories in your own kitchens to share with those near and dear & a foodies addiction in a jar.

 A SMORGASBORD OF FLAVOURS Seanne has never held back on flavours. Creating a fine flavour balance that will leave you wanting more it is a hard job just choosing only one jar to take home. Jars fierce in flavour - addiction is the only thing left when your jar is empty.. Its that moment you wish you could close your eyes and like a Genie wish your jar FULL .

Seanne has challenged herself to many cuisine flavours to ensure when you are buying and eating a sauce you are met with a memory from a holiday you once took, or a celebration at a lovely restaurant that you wished you could mimic at home or creating your own traditions and memories for you and your family for generations to come to enjoy.

Today, 8 years on Seanne is still keeping it fresh and on trend with Sauce. Our Latest craze Szechuan Sauce a long side our Award Winning Peri Range is an indication this Saucier is a Queen of Natural Talent. If you ever have the chance to meet this amazing woman you will feel her passion not only from her eyes and words but also in every bite you dare to take that is a part of her amazing dream brought to life.

Sublime Spices for many years to come will always strive to deliver the finest quality Sauces for so many families to enjoy with their dearest family and friends. Seanne is always planning and dreaming up the next adventure to ensure you have the tastiest and most memorable experience always.

ENDLESS VARIETIES, ENDLESS FLAVOR With a current variety of at least 45 flavours this Queen of Sauce shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. So all there is for you to do is simply enjoy the food experience... all the hard work is done for you SO PLEASE …. ENJOY!!!

Your Addiction Starts Here!!